Friday, June 21, 2013

Lake Powell Accident Press Release with Names and Pictures

News Release #3:
Sgt. Alan Alldredge
Kane County Sheriff’s Office
Lake Powell Boating Accident
At approximately 9:15 am Utah Time on Thursday June 20, 2013, National Park Service Dispatch, located at Wahweep Marina on Lake Powell, received a report by marine band radio about a boat accident at buoy 43 near Dangling Rope Marina.   A north bound motor boat headed to Rainbow Bridge carrying 13 passengers, 7 adults and 6 children had collided with a south bound house boat and overturned.  Fifty Seven year old Marilyn Jackman from South Jordan Utah was killed in the accident.  Two additional females, 22 year old Jessica Jackman, daughter of Marilyn Jackman, and 29 year old Valerie Rae Bradshaw of Sandy Utah are still missing.  Other individuals on the boat received minor injuries.  The driver, 59 year old Adrian Jackman, husband of Marilyn Jackman, and his 11 year old grand-daughter were flown to the Flagstaff Arizona Hospital with non life threatening injuries.   A third person was transported by boat and then by ambulance to the Page Arizona hospital.  All three individuals were released from the hospital the same day.   The remaining individuals were transported back to Wahweep Marina by boat.  All of the children on board were wearing life jackets.  It appears the driver of the boat may have been temporarily distracted by the movement of some of the children in the boat and did not see the houseboat in time.  He tried to turn to miss the house boat, but collided with the front corner of the houseboat causing the motor boat to overturn.  No one on the houseboat was injured.  Most of the individuals in the boat were family members.  They are from the Salt Lake/Northern Utah area. 
The National Park Service at Lake Powell has a very skilled and well trained dive team who worked throughout the afternoon and early evening to try and find the missing individuals.  They will return to the area Friday morning to continue searching.  Because the water at the crash site is about 400 feet deep, the NPS team will be using a robot with a camera to search with.  The Utah Department of Public Safety dive team has been requested and should arrive Friday night or Saturday Morning.  They will be using their side scan sonar to search the crash area to try and find the missing individuals.   
Officials from National Park Service, Utah State Parks, and Kane County Sheriff’s Office will continue working together on the investigation of the incident, and location of the missing individuals.
As we enter the busy summer season at the lake, we encourage everyone to be extremely cautious of other traffic and to always wear life jackets.
With the release of the family’s names, we would ask everyone to please honor their privacy as they endure this ongoing ordeal.
Valerie Bradshaw

Jessica Jackman

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