Saturday, June 22, 2013

Lake Powell Update #4 6-22-13

News Release #4:
Sgt. Alan Alldredge
Kane County Sheriff’s Office
Lake Powell Boating Accident
At approximately 9:00 am this morning, the Utah Department of Public Safety dive team left the dock at Wahweep Marina to begin searching the accident scene area.  At this time they have been searching a little more than two hours.  The state team uses “Side Scan Sonar” technology.  They will continue searching in the area looking for possible “targets” that could be a body.  Once a target is located, it will provide a GPS coordinate of the target which can then be used for further investigation.
The National Park Service’s robot suffered some malfunctions Friday.  Their submersible robot has sonar capability, as well as a camera, lights, and a mechanical arm.  The sonar capability is what is not working at this time.  They are waiting on parts or a loaner robot, which should arrive on Monday, while theirs is being repaired.  
If the state team is able to locate a viable target, the Park service team can still use their current robot with its camera and mechanical arm to investigate the target, and/or retrieve a body.
Officials from Utah State Parks will be handling the crash investigation.  The damaged power boat will be moved to the Wahweep marina area where it will removed from the water for further investigation.  The investigation will take place the first part of next week.
Right now it is a very slow process, waiting for the searchers to locate possible targets.  As soon as there is any news, I will immediately post it.

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